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Don't fall victim to debt negotiation scams.
A Little About What We Do
Stop Foreclosure * Stop Repossession * Stop Wage Garnishment * Stop Bill Collectors
Relief from IRS Debt * Relief from Medical Bills * Loan Modification Assistance
Title Disputes * Landlord/Tenant * Breach of Contract * Lawsuits * Wills * Probate
Chapter 13 * Chapter 11 * Chapter 7 * Small Estate Affidavit * Power of Attorney
Steer clear of debt negotiation companies that:  require substantial monthly service fees;
demand payment of a percentage of savings; claim that creditors never sue consumers for
non-payment of unsecured debt and promise that using their system will have no negative
impact on your credit report.  Just because a debt negotiation company describes itself as a
“nonprofit” organization, there’s no guarantee that the services they offer are legitimate.
There also is no guarantee that a creditor will accept partial payment of a legitimate debt. In
fact, if you stop making payments on a credit card, late fees and interest usually are added
to the debt each month.
We're a small boutique law firm primarily concentrating in the areas of Bankruptcy
(Chapter 13, Chapter 11 and Chapter 7), Civil Litigation, Real Estate and Probate.  You are
more than just a number to us.  At our firm you will have direct access to the lawyer
assigned to your case and will get the attention you deserve.
As of 2016, we have helped our clients eliminate more than $4,000,000.00 of debt.
James Q. Pope's most recent article was published in the DMars Business Journal.
In April 2016, the firm sponsored a seminar on how to deter, detect and defend
against identity theft.
The Firm celebrates 10 years of service in August 2016.
"Law and order
exist for the
purpose of
establishing justice"
         ~ Martin Luther
                     King, Jr.